Pierwood offers a single environment, designed for Packaging industry stakeholders, that strengthens bids efficiency.


- Call for tender in a very short time with accuracy,security, privacy and ethic

- Graphic libraries allow you to provide  tender applicants with complete and HD Artworks linked to their specifications and technical requiremets.No wate of time, no misunderstanding.


PPX tools are increasing the efficiency of your tender stategy :

- Online exhaustive information ( General and tehnical specificationsn Artworks, drawings etc...)

- Online tender rules and applicant guide.

- Enable you to set up your own suppliers or applicants database.

- Enable you to set up your own graphic libraries (Artwork, drawing,technical documents)

- You buid your project team granting different access level.

- You can finely tuned your tender strategy ( time, delay, kind of auction, visibility, weightings etc...)


Available on demand :

- Team training and coaching

- Supplier support and training

- Strategic consulting and project management